Join the mountain biking trend and explore some of the pre-designed routes, or if you prefer, hop on your bike and ride the trails from your starting point in Vall de Ribes – they are sure not to be lacking. The lush nature surrounding these paths will captivate you throughout the entire journey – it’s simply spectacular!


Take a break from biking and embrace a more demanding activity. Running through the mountains and valleys is tough, but incredibly rewarding. Choose one of the routes we propose, prepare well, and get ready to enjoy a trail that will let you experience the heart of Vall de Ribes like no one else.


Hiking is one of the flagship activities among all the things to do in Vall de Ribes. It’s the favorite activity for many, and rightfully so. Who wouldn’t want to leisurely explore a trail starting from their town, filled with colors, wildlife, flora, pure air, and water in all its forms? These trails are the stars among the dozens of excursions available in Vall de Ribes – go for it!


Experience the thrill of walking on trails carved into rocks. It’s simply spectacular! These routes are 100% safe, so if you don’t have a fear of heights and are eager to walk on a path that passes over a large volcanic formation, this activity in Vall de Ribes is perfect for you. Head first into the adventure!


Vall de Núria is the chosen destination for thousands of skiers throughout the year. They find in its 11 slopes and the surrounding environment the perfect place to rest and enjoy. During the winter months, snow covers the slopes at elevations of around 2,000 meters. So, if you’re a skiing or snowboarding enthusiast, the whitest adventure in Vall de Ribes awaits you at the Vall de Núria resort!


Yoga is the best way to connect your body and mind with the environment. Yoga is a suitable activity no matter where you are in Vall de Ribes; any place is perfect for meditation and being aware of the natural beauty that surrounds you. Sun salutations here feel different, so bring your yoga mat and get ready to transcend.


Vall de Ribes is one of the best centers of Romanesque architecture in Catalonia. The streets of the villages still boast standing castles, walls, towers, and other authentic medieval constructions. In Vall de Ribes, you also have a significant offer of museums and exhibitions, especially if you visit Ribes de Freser. And if you want to combine culture with sports, we have history-filled routes for you to explore on foot while discovering our past.



If you’re traveling with friends or in a group, a fantastic way to release tension and enjoy the region’s nature is by joining a paintball battle. Shoot paintballs at your opponents, camouflage yourself so they can’t see you, and be part of the winning team. Paintball will make your adrenaline soar. It’s all about fun and passion in Ribes de Freser.